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The main menu of Stamp Encyclopaedia Poland
You can find images and descriptions of all Polish postage stamps issued between 1860 and the current issues. Stamps of all Poland-related stamp collecting areas (e.g. local issues) are also presented here.
There are several ways to have a look at all these stamps. Take a look at the Main Menu at the left.

Postage stamps of Poland

For a table of contents of all Polish postage stamps, choose "Postage stamps of Poland". This long menu is based on the Polish Fischer stamp catalogue Part I. It contains all stamp issues from the partition period to the most recent issue.

New stamps

This will take you directly to the most recent stamp issue.

Years of issue

You can narrow down your search for stamps released in a particular year.


Displays a menu that contains sheet issues of Polish postage stamps. A sheet is one full impression of stamps taken from a printing plate.
Both Sheets and Sheetlets menus have links to each other and links to Blackprinted and Reprinted sheets.


Displays a menu that contains sheetlet issues of Polish postage stamps. A sheetlet (or minisheet) is a small pane of stamps (less than what is normally considered by normal standards as a usual pane).
Both Sheets and Sheetlets menus have links to each other and links to Blackprinted and Reprinted sheets.

State polities

Use this menu if you immediately want to see for example the pre-war issues or the People's Republic issues without having to scoll down in a long menu.


All Polish postage stamps with overprints are listed here. The Groszy overprints from 1950 are not included here. They can be found in a separate section. See Groszy overprints below.


This shows a menu that can help you find stamps within a particular subject.

Joint issues

Displays a menu with all Polish joint issues. Joint issues are similar stamps released by two or more countries on the same day or within a few days of each other.

Groszy overprints

A menu with all official and provisional local Groszy overprints of 1950-1951.

Official stamps

Official stamps (also known as service stamps) are valid only on official mail of a government agency or their agents.

Postage due stamps

Postage due stamps are used to collect fees in letters that have been underpaid due to destination, weight, service, etc.

Local postage due stamps (1919-1926)

Local "Porto" overprints issued between the years 1919-1926.


Poland-related stamps

The following menus for Poland-related stamp collecting areas follow the contents of Part II of the Polish Fischer stamp catalogue:

Occupation 1914-1918

Stamps from Austria-Hungary, Bosnia Hercegovina, Austria, Russisch Polen, Generalgouvernement Warschau, Ober Ost, Białystok and the Tenth Army issued in occupied Poland during World War I.

Town post 1914-1918

Local Polish stamps with a unique distinctive character for town mail issued during World War I, printed by postal authorities in Chęciny, Luboml, Otwock, Przedbórz, Sosnowiec, Warsaw, Zawiercie and Żarki. Other postmasters used handstamps to cancel existing stamps. They were used in Aleksandrów, Będzin, Czeladź, Częstochowa, Koło, Łódź, Mława, Otwock, Pabianice, Pruszków, Siedlce, Sosnowiec, Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Warsaw, Wilno, Włocławek and Żyrardów.

Military post

Stamps issued during Polish military operations: Suppreme National Committee, Samaritanian legion, Polish legion, Polish Korps, Puck, Upper Silesian insurgents, Zaolzie, Polish army in the Soviet Union, Pinczowski Home Army, Warsaw Uprising and the Second Polish Korps in Italy.

Eastern Małopolska

Stamps issued in the eastern part of the Polish Małopolska area in 1918-1920 for Ukraine, Western Ukraine and Romanian Pokuttya.

The court delivery fee issues (sądowe znaczki doręczeniowe, Gericht-Zustellungsmarken) are considered revenue stamps and can be found in the Revenue stamps section.

Local issues 1918-1919

Local stamps issued on former Austrian, German and Russian occupied Poland at the end of World War I.

Central Lithuania

Stamps issued for Central Lithuania and Samorząd Warwiszki.

Port Gdańsk

Stamps issued by Polish postmasters from the harbour of Gdańsk. Stamps for the Free City of Danzig can be found in a separate section. See Danzig below.


Odessa and the Levant stamps, issued from Polish post offices in Turkey. Mail was accepted at the Polish consulate in Constantinople, 1919-1923.


Stamps issued for the plebiscite areas of Upper Silesia, Marienwerder, Allenstein and Silesian Cieszyń (SO 1920).

Foreign post

Stamps issued on territories formerly occupied by Poland: Lithuania, Slovakia, Russia, Germany, Łódź ghetto and German fieldpost for submarines near the Hel peninsula.


German occupied Poland in World War II.

German occupation

This section shows the Ostland, Vilnius and Ukraine overprinted stamps, issued after the German occupation of Polish territory annexed by the Soviet Union.

Camp post

Polish prisoner of war camps: Woldenberg, Gross-Born, Neubrandenburg, Murnau, Block D, Swiss inmates and inter-camp post.

Local issues 1944-1945

Local stamps from Brwinów, Bystrzyca Kłodzka, Końskie, Legnica, Leżajsk, Łęki Szlacheckie, Milanówek, Niezabitów, Rudnik nad Sanem, Siedlce, Wąwolnica, Węgrów, Zamość, issued at the end of World War II.


German stamps from the Free City of Danzig (Freie Stadt Danzig).


Miscellaneous stamps: PCCP, Słuck, Poczta Zielona, Russia, Tajna poczta podziemna, Chodel, Falenica, Grabów, Gostyń Wielkopolski, Kielce, Kołobrzeg, Rabka, Sosnowiec, JWSW and several fantasy issues.


Revenue stamps

This area covers Polish tax or government fee stamps, also known as fiscals. The menu and the contents are based on Barefoot's Poland Revenue catalogue.


Polish stamp-like labels without postal validity: fundraising labels, charity labels, cinderellas, etc.


Image wantlists

Shows a wantlists menu for images that are still missing on Stamp Encyclopaedia Poland.

Pending suggestions

Shows a list of suggestions already provided by users.


Brings you back to the main menu.


Navigation buttons

At the bottom of the site's window you can see a permanent series of buttons:


Brings you back to the main menu.

What's new

Monthly changes to this site are tracked at this page.


A customised Google search engine can be used to search pages within the entire Stamp Encyclopaedia Poland website.


Shows the contact page. If you'd like to help to improve this site, please contact the webmaster at encyclowebmaster@yahoo.com (Ben Nieborg in The Netherlands). On most pages, there's a Contact button which will tell you how to contact the webmaster. There are wantlists for all stamp sections, combined into an image wantlist menu (you can access the wantlists from the contact page).


Shows this page.


A word about the making and maintaining of this site.


Recommended links to other sites related to the philately and the history of Poland.


Buttons on top of stamp pages

The Stamp Encyclopaedia Poland logo in the top left corner is always visible (with framed pages) and will always link you back to the main menu. At the top of every stamp issue page, you will find a series of buttons. There's a "Home" button to bring you back to the homepage with the main menu. The "Contact" button will display the Contact page which explains how to contact the webmaster to offer your help. The "Back" button will bring you back one page in your history of visited pages. If you are on a page with a sheet, you can go to the previous sheet issue with "Previous Sheet" button and to the next with the "Next Sheet" button. The regular "Previous Issue" and "Next Issue" buttons will take you to the previous and next issues, respectively.

I hope your stay on this site is a valuable experience.

Ben Nieborg
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