Stamp Encyclopaedia Poland
Stamp Encyclopaedia Poland is an online catalogue for the stamps of Poland and related stamp collecting areas.

For about 150 years, stamps have exposed the society of Poland. Every stamp is a little piece of art that tells us something about historical moments, important people, places, things, events or everyday subjects.

This online thematic Encyclopaedia provides background information for the English speaking world about everything depicted on Polish stamps, sheets, sheetlets and decorative labels.

With the Encyclopaedia you can get to know more about the rich history, culture and language of the country behind these stamps.

Most stamps are displayed in a way that is based on the Polish Fischer stamp catalogue. However, since most English speaking collectors do not understand Polish and because many collectors of Eastern European stamps use the German Michel stamp catalogue, the Michel catalogue numbers are referred to on every page, if applicable. For revenue stamps, Barefoot's Poland Revenues catalogue is used as a reference. This website was not created to provide a wealth of philatelic information about perforations, watermarks, plate flaws, proofs or forgeries. Neither does this site tell you how much a stamp is worth. For this, you should use a real stamp catalogue.

A site like this is an ambitious undertaking. It contains more than 10000 images and more than 2200 pages. Some entries still need a lot of work and I'll be only too pleased to receive contributions from other philatelists. If you can help with these, see my contact page for wantlists and more info. Please feel free to suggest additional images or entries, or to point out inaccuracies in any of those already included.

Ben Nieborg, The Netherlands.

Stamp Encyclopaedia Poland was first released 10 September 2002 and was awarded a vermeil Web Excellence Award by in March 2003.

This site was last revised 7 April 2018. vermeil award