Stamp Encyclopaedia Poland

Suggestions for the improvement of Stamp Encyclopaedia Poland

This is a summary of ideas, invented by visitors and/or by the webmaster. Some items are currently ongoing and take more time to finish.

  1. Rewrite the entire site with a searchable database, i.e. in PHP and MySQL.

  2. Replace all images that lack perforations or edges, are too small, blurred or unreadable.

  3. Replace cancelled stamps by mint stamps where appropriate.

  4. Add a wantlist for stamp images that lack perforations or edges, are small, blurred or cancelled.

  5. Add a wantlist for First Day Covers to the wantlists menu.

  6. Add a section for Polish postal stationeries. I am working on it.

  7. Add a page for Russian stamps with numeral cancellations like those on Fischer 1.

  8. Bring the image sizes in proportion.

  9. Extend the labels/cinderellas section.

  10. Add a section for Solidarity labels.

  11. Add a section for Polish perfins.

  12. Add Scott catalogue numbers.

Send your additional suggestions for this site to