Liga Morska

Fischer 367-370 | Michel 399-402 | Scott B36-B39 | Year of issue 1945 | Communist Poland

The 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Sea League. The Polish Sea Leage was founded 10 February 1920.

Light cruiser HMS "Dragon" (1943-1944)
and the coastline of Poland shaped like a wave
"Dar Pomorza"

Old and new Polish navy flags
The upper flag dates from the 17th century,
the lower one is from the People's Republic era
Dock crane and the Crane Gate in Gdańsk


A league is a group of people or countries who have joined together to protect or improve their position.
HMS is the abbreviation for Her Majesty's Ship, a title for a ship in the British navy.
A cruiser is a fast warship.
Szczecin is a city in nortwest Poland.
Gdańsk is a city in north Poland.
Dar Pomorza is the name of a Polish threemaster, used as a training fregat. The name "Dar Pomorza" means "Gift of Pommerania".
The Crane Gate is the medieval Crane Gate on the Motława river front in Gdańsk, used for moving cargo onto or off vessels.

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