Poznań town hall

Fischer 371 | Michel 403 | Scott B40 | Year of issue 1945 | Communist Poland

The first congress for Polish post office employees in Poznań 16 June 1945.
On the left side is the Poznań coat of arms and on the right side you can see the emblem of the Polish postal service.

The town hall of Poznań


Poznań is a city on the river Warta in Great Poland, between the German border and Warsaw.
A town hall is a public building used for a town's local government.
A congress is a formal meeting of representatives of societies to exchange information and opinions.


I Kongres Prac(owników) P(oczty) i T(elekomunikacji) = The first congress for employees of Post and Telecommunication.
16.VI.1945 r(oku) = 16 June 1945.


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City hall / town hall
The town hall in Poznań



Fischer 371 with a first day cancellation