July manifesto

Fischer 373 | Michel 406 | Scott 369 | Year of issue 1945 | Communist Poland

The first anniversary of the July manifesto.

Eagle, breaking a chain over the July manifesto


The Polski Komitet Wyzwolenia Narodowego (PKWN) formed in Lublin under the communist chairmanship of Edward Osóbka-Morawski, published the July Manifesto on 22 July 1944. It proclaimed an end to all hostilities with the USSR, and it was recognized by the USSR as the "temporary organ of executive power in Poland". It was a rival organization to the government in exile in London and it had the advantage of being in situ and supported by Soviet troops. The July manifesto became the founding act of the new regime and the 22nd July became a state holiday. The celebration of the anniversary of the Manifesto aimed at strengthening the myth of the creation of the communist state in Poland and the Polish character of the new regime. Lublin, the place where the first communist government is said to be formed and where the manifesto was proclaimed played a special role in the celebrations.
The eagle is the coat of arms, the national emblem of Poland.

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