Sights in Gdańsk

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Several places of interest in Gdańsk.

Crane Gate
Prison Tower

Upland Gate


Fischer 377nz (imperforate)

Fischer 377nz pair (imperforate)

Fischer 377nz block of four (imperforate)


The 15th century Crane Gate (Żuraw) on the Motława river in Gdańsk was used for moving cargo onto or off vessels.
The Royal Way in Gdańsk is the road taken by kings entering the city. The starting point was the Upland Gate (Brama Wyzynna). Just behind this gate stands the larger Foregate. The Foregate (Przedbramie) consists of the Torture House (Katownia) and the high Prison Tower (Wieża Wiezienna), linked by walls called Szyja (The Neck). The Foregate was built first. After the Upland Gate was built, the Foregate lost its function and was turned into a prison.


The Crane Gate
Jailing museum - Prison Tower and Torture Chamber

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379A (dark violet)
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379B (pale violet)

Colour variations of Fischer 379A and 379B