Silesian Uprisings

Fischer 404 | Michel 437 | Scott B44 | Year of issue 1946 | Communist Poland

The 25th anniversary of the three Silesian Uprisings.

Piast eagle with a rebel to the left and a soldier to the right


Silesia is a province occupying the whole of southwestern Poland. The eastern part is Upper Silesia, the western part is Lower Silesia.
The Silesian Uprisings occurred in 1919, 1920 and 1921. They were aimed at restoring Upper Silesia to Poland.
Cieszyń is a Silesian-Czechoslovakian border town.
The eagle is the coat of arms of Poland.
The legendary Piast was the chief of the Polonians, Slavic tribes who settled on the Warta river banks near present-day Poznań. Piast united the surrounding tribes into a single political unit.


Orzeł Piastowski - XIV w(ieku) - na zamku w Cieszynie = The Piast eagle - 14th century - on the castle in Cieszyń.

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Piast Dynasty

25 lecie III-go powstania Śląskiego = 25th anniversary of the third Silesian Uprising