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(olive brown)
The tomb of Henryk IV Probus
Będzin castle
in Wrocław

Lanckorona castle


Present-day Będzin is a suburb of Katowice, the center of the Upper Silesian industrial district. The castle is now in ruins.
The collegiate Church of the Holy Cross in Wrocław was built as the mausoleum of the Silesian Duke Henry IV Probus (Henry the Righteous or Henry of Silesia).
A collegiate church is a church served by a college of priest not under monastic (like a monastery) vows (declarations of intention).
Wrocław is a city on the Odra river in central Lower Silesia.
Lanckorona is a little town southwest of Kraków. The castle is now in ruins.


Henryk IV Probus - Płyta w kościele Św(ięta) Krzyża Wrocław = Henryk IV Probus - Tombstone in the Holy Cross church, Wrocław.
Zamek Lanckoroński - wędług stychu z r(oku) 1618 = The castle of Lanckorona - according to a 1618 engraving.

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