Peasant Movement

Fischer 415a-c | Michel 448-449 | Scott B50-B52 | Year of issue 1946 | Communist Poland

The 50th anniversary of the Polish Peasant Movement. The Peasant Movement was founded in 1896.

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Stanislaw Stojalowski, Jakub Boiko, Jan Stapinski and Wincenty Witos


Stanislaw Stojalowski (1845-1911), Polish priest, journalist, politician.
Jakub Boiko was a peasant and an orator in the Peasant Movement.
Jan Stapinski (1867-1946), member of the Peasant Movement.
Wincenty Witos (1874-1945), Polish politician. As the leader of the Polish Peasant party, he was premier three times (1920-21, 1923, 1926). Witos's government was overthrown by Józef Pilsudski in the coup d'état of 1926. Imprisoned (1930) with other opposition leaders, Witos later fled to Czechoslovakia but returned to Poland in 1939. He was again imprisoned during the German occupation.


W piecdziesieciolecie ruchu ludowego = Fifty years of the Polish Peasant Movement.

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