1st Peace Race

Fischer 455 | Michel 486 | Scott 419 | Year of issue 1948 | Communist Poland

The first international bicycle race Warsaw-Prague-Warsaw.

Wheel with the Czechoslovakian and the Polish flag


The Peace Race is one of the better known stage races in Europe. Starting shortly after World War II, it is generally raced through Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, although it has crossed into several other European nations during its 53 year history. Until the 1980's, the race always led through all three capitals Warsaw, Prague and Berlin, starting in one of them and ending in another one. The order of the cities was rotating. So the race was also known as PWB, WPB, BPW, etc. It started as a Czech-Polish race and East Germans were invited to join later in 1950 and only then it was apparently called the Peace Race (Friedensfahrt, Závod míru, Course de la Paix).
Glos ludu and Rudé Právo are communist newspapers. Glos Ludu was a Polish newspaper in the Czech Republic. The newspaper was published every second day (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). In 1945, it was the first printed magazine (political, social and cultural) for the Polish minority in Silesia.


Warszawa - Praha - Warszawa - 1-5-9.V.1948 = Warsaw - Prague - Warsaw - 1-5-9 May 1948.
Glos ludu = Voice of the People.
Rudé Právo (Czechoslovakian) = Red Justice.
Miedzynarodowy bieg kolarski = International bicycle race.

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