Józef Bem and the battle at Piski

Fischer 532 | Michel 670 | Scott 489 | Year of issue 1950 | Communist Poland

The 10th anniversary of the death of general Józef Bem.

Józef Bem (lithography by Marie Alexandre Alophe)
and the Battle at Piski (painting by Jan Matejko)


Józef Bem (1794-1850) Polish-Hungarian freedom fighter. He was born in Tarnów in 1794, took part in the November uprising in 1830/1831 and in the Spring of Nations in Austria and Hungary in 1848. He died of malaria in Aleppo (Syria) in 1850


Józef Bem
Marie Alexandre Alophe (at Worldwide Art Resources)
Jan Matejko
November uprising
Spring of Nations