Jarosław Dąbrowski and the Paris Commune

Fischer 547 | Michel 685 | Scott 499 | Year of issue 1951 | Communist Poland

The 80th anniversary of the Paris Commune.

Street fight
(the portrait shows the composer Jan Henryk Dąbrowski by mistake,
it should have been the portrait of general Jarosław Dąbrowski)


This is the first stamp ever published, fully engraved by Czesław Słania.


Paryż 1871 = Paris 1871.
Gen(erał) Jarosław Dąbrowski 1856-1871 = General Jarosław Dąbrowski 1856-1871.


Jarosław Dąbrowski
Paris Commune
Czesław Słania (by Ann Mette Heindorff)
Composer Jan Henryk Dąbrowski
The hymn of Poland (Dąbrowski Mazurka)

First Day Cover

Fischer 547 FDC