Feliks Dzierżyński

Fischer 562 | Michel 700 | Scott 517 | Year of issue 1951 | Communist Poland

The 25th anniversary of the death of Feliks Dzierżyński.

Feliks Dzierżyński


Feliks Dzierżyński (1877-1926), the Russian spelling is Felix Dzerzhinsky.
When Lenin knew that the Russian social structure was in decay, he desperately attempted to do something about it. He began to arrest political opponents. He founded a new organisation, which became known as the Cheka, an exceptional committee against contrarevolution and espionage (the secret police). At its head he placed Feliks Dzierżyński, a Polish communist, a fanatic follower of Lenin and the Russian revolution, who stopped at nothing for serving the bolshevik issue.

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Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky