Danziger Leistungsschau 1937

Fischer Sheet 3 (272-273) | Michel Sheet 3 | Year of issue 1937

This sheet commemorates the foundation of a Danzig city quarter in Magdeburg.

Sheet 3

Danzig Trade Fair


The building of a "Danziger Dorf" (Danzig village) in Magdeburg began on 20 July 1936. Unemployed German families left the Free City of Danzig in the 1930s to search their luck in the German Empire. In Magdeburg, 188 houses and a community building were built at the northern city boundary on the Ebendorfer Chaussee.


Danziger Leistungsschau is German for Danzig Trade Fair / Exhibition.
Danziger Dorf in Magdeburg is German for Danzig village in Magdeburg.
Freie Stadt Danzig is German for "Free City of Danzig".