Winter aid (ships)

Fischer 295-299 | Michel 284-288 | Year of issue 1938

Fischer 295
Michel 284
Sailing yaucht "Peter von Danzig"
Fischer 296
Michel 285
Dredging ship "Fu Shing"
Fischer 297
Michel 286
Steam boat "Columbus"

Fischer 298
Michel 287
Motorship "Hanzestadt Danzig"
Fischer 299
Michel 288
Caravelle "Peter von Danzig"


Peter von Danzig was a 15th century German fencing master.


WHW is a German abbreviation for Winterhilfswerk, meaning Winter aid.
Peter von Danzig Ozeanrennen is German for Peter von Danzig ocean race.
Saugbagger Fu Shing is German for Dredging ship Fu Shing.
Dampfer Columbus is German for Steamboat Columbus.
Hanzestadt Danzig is German for Hanseatic City Danzig.
Hanzekogge Peter von Danzig is German for Hanse Cog Danzig. The ship was built in La Rochelle as the 'Pierre de La Rochelle' and sold to Danzig in 1462. In 1470, the ship was re-equipped for war and commissioned to the English Channel.
Freie Stadt Danzig is German for "Free City of Danzig".