Portraits of Mendel, Koch and Röntgen

Fischer 304-306 | Michel 306-308 | Year of issue 1939

Fischer 304
Michel 306
Gregor Johann Mendel
Fischer 305
Michel 307
Robert Koch
Fischer 306
Michel 308
Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen


Gregor Johann Mendel (1822-1884), naturalist, known for his experiments in plant hybridisation.
Robert Koch (1843-1910), founder of modern bacteriology. Nobel laureate in 1905.
Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845-1923), physician, known for his dicovery of X-rays. Nobel laureate in 1901.


Gesunde Kinder is German for Healthy children.
Frohe Zukunft is German for Happy future.
Luft und Sonne is German for Air and Sun.
Der Schwindsucht feind is German for The enemy of tuberculosis.
Kampf dem krebs is German for Fight cancer.
Krebs is heilbar is German for Cancer can be cured.
Freie Stadt Danzig is German for "Free City of Danzig".


Gregor Johann Mendel
Mendelian inheritance
Robert Koch
Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen