Introduction to stamps issued after the German occupation of Polish territory annexed by the Soviet Union

In the occupied Eastern territories of the Third Reich during World War II, the following stamps were issued:

Reichskommissariat Ostland was the German name for the Nazi civil administration of part of the occupied Eastern territories of the Third Reich. Ostland was the name given to the German occupied territories of the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), eastern parts of Poland, and Western parts of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Ostland should not be confused with Ober Ost, which had a similar role as Ostland as an occupation authority of Baltic territories by the German Empire in World War I.

Local overprints were issued for Vilnius. In June 1941, the city was occupied by Germany, when it invaded Lithuania as part of its campaign against the Soviet Union.

Reichskommissariat Ukraine was the name for the Nazi German civil administration which conisted of the occupied Soviet territories of central and eastern Ukraine (which itself included eastern Poland, occupied in 1939 by the Soviet Army), but excluded the former Polish Voivodship of Białystok, which was annexed to East Prussia.


Reichskommissariat Ostland
Reichskommissariat Ukraine