Introduction to Polish local stamps 1918-1919

Map of present day Poland including the former Austrian, German and Russian occupied towns from which local overprints were issued at the end of World War I

At the end of World War I, local post services were established in a number of towns in Poland. Existing stamps were overprinted. Before World War I, Poland was occupied by Austria-Hungary and Germany. Local overprints on Austro-Hungarian stamps were used in the southeastern part of today's Poland and in the Western part of today's Ukraine (Skałat). In the area called the General Gouvernement Warschau, German overprints were additionally overprinted for local use. In Belarussian Hrodna (Grodno) and in Ukrainian Kovel (Wołyń or Kowel in Polish), Russian and Ukrainian stamps were overprinted for local use in the eastern territories.


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