Puck overprints

Fischer 1-3 | Michel 107-109 | Year of issue 1920

German stamps, Michel 107-109, were overprinted "Nad Polskiem Morzem Puck 10.II.1920" (On the Polish seashore Puck 10 February 1920). Puck (German Putzig) is a town on the south coasts of the Baltic Sea in Eastern Pomeranian region, northwest Poland.

These stamps commemorate the army of Józef Haller in Puck.
It was in Puck that in 1920, after Poland had recovered its independence, the symbolic ceremony of Marriage of Poland to the Sea took place. General Józef Haller rode on a white horse into the waters of the bay and threw a platinum ring into the sea. To commemorate that event, a pillar was placed in the fishing harbour.






Józef Haller de Hallenburg
Poland's Betrothal with the Sea