Introduction to the stamps issued during the occupation of Poland in World War I

Before 1914, Poland was actually a province of Russia. Postal authorities were controlled by Russians. In 1914, Poland was invaded by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany. In 1915, military field stamps were brought into circulation in the area occupied by Austria-Hungary. Stamps from Austria and Bosnia Hercegovina, which was occupied by Austria-Hungary, were also brought into use. In the German occupied area, German stamps overprinted "Russisch Polen" (Russian Poland) were issued. In the German area called General Gouvernement Warschau (General Government Warsaw) other overprints were used in 1916. The German Suppreme Eastern Command issued stamps with "Postgebiet Ober Ost" overprints (Postal area of the Suppreme Eastern Command). These stamps were used in northeastern areas of Poland, although they were originally intended for the Baltic area. With the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany, the Republic of Poland was proclaimed on 11 November 1918 and Poland began to produce, overprint and issue its very own stamps.


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