Health resorts

Fischer 689-692 | Michel 827-830 | Scott 608-611 | Year of issue 1953 | People's Republic of Poland

health resort
Morskie Oko
lake in the Tatra Mountains

Dunajec river
in Pieniny national park
health resort


Krynica is a mountain health resort southeast of Kraków in the Beskid Sądecki. Until World War II it was a fashionable hang-out for artists and intellectuals. After the war, priorities shifted towards the working class rather than the artistic elite.
The Tatras are the highest mountain range of the Carpathians on the Slovak border south of Kraków. Morskie Oko is the name of a beautiful emerald green lake in the Polish Tatras. The name "Morskie Oko" means "The eye of the sea".
Pieniny is a mountain range east of the Tatras, now famous for the raft trip down the spectacular Dunajec Gorge.
Ciechocinek is a spa town southeast of Toruń. The image displays the 1.5 km stretch of wooden poles and twigs which make up the saltworks. Construction of this remarkable industrial monument began in 1824. Water from the town's saline springs is pumped to the top of the structure from where it trickles back down through the twigs. The salt concentrates and creates a healthy atmosphere in the covered space below.


Uzdrowisko świata pracy Krynica = Workers sanatorium Krynica.
Tatry - Morskie Oko = Tatras - Eye of the sea.
Pieniny - Przełom Dunajca = Pieniny - the Dunajec Gorge.
Uzdrowisko świata pracy Ciechocinek = Workers sanatorium Ciechocinek.


Spa town (Health resort)
Tatra Mountains
Morskie Oko lake
Dunajec river
Pieniny National Park

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