Ludwika Wawrzyńska

Fischer 835-836 | Michel 979-980 | Scott 742-743 | Year of issue 1956 | People's Republic of Poland


Ludwika Wawrzyńska with children


Ludwika Wawrzyńska, Polish teacher.
On 8 February 1955, Ludwika Wawrzyńska saved four children from burning baracks on her way to work. She heared children crying in a locked room of the workers hostel. It seemed that the mother had locked the door before going out shopping. With an axe, she opened the door. First, she took two children out of the burning building, after which she went back inside to save two others. During her third attempt to save more children, the burning baracks collapsed. Severely burnt, she was taken to a hospital, where she died on 19 February 1955.


Ludwika Wawrzyńska

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