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Fischer 858a-858b | Michel 1002-1003 | Scott 764-765 | Year of issue 1957 | People's Republic of Poland

The 12th memorial ski descent for Bronisław Czech and Helena Marusarzówna, who were killed by the Nazis in World War II.


Descending skier


Bronisław Czech was twenty times Polish champion in different ski competitions. He was imprisoned and died during World War II in Auschwitz.
Helena Marusarzówna was a Polish female skier. Seven times she was the champion of her country in skiing. Like many other Polish athletes, she was a hero of the fight against Nazi occupation, and paid for it with her life. She served as a courier for the underground, using her remarkable skiing talent. On May 1940, she was arrested and on 12 September 1941 she was executed by the Nazis in the forests of Wola Podgórecka near Tarnów, Poland.
Since 1946, the memorial ski descent Im. Bronisława Czecha i Heleny Marusarzówny (Bronisław Czech's and Helena Marusarzówna's Memorial) is held in Zakopane.


XII Memorial Br(onisława) Czecha i H(eleny) Marusarzówny 1957
= 12th Memorial of Bronisław Czech and Helena Marusarzówna.


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Bronisław Czech

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FDC Fischer 858a and 858b