Recovered territories Part 2

Fischer 1153-1154 | Michel 1301-1302 | Year of issue 1962 | People's Republic of Poland

The recovered Westlands of Zielona Góra.

The seal of Konrad II

"Stilon" cloth factory in Gorzów Wielkopolski

(both stamps also have the coat of arms of Zielona Góra in the upper left corner)


1153 and 1154 with decorative label


Polskie Ziemiezachodnie Zielonagórskie = The Polish Westlands of Zielona Góra.
XIV wiek = The 14th century.
Pieczęć Konrada II = The seal of Conrad II.

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Recovered territories
Seal (device)
Gorzów Wielkopolski
Zielona Góra Voivodship
Zielona Góra coat of arms

First Day Cover

FDC Fischer 1153-1154