World War II memorials

Fischer 1155-1157 | Michel 1303-1305 | Scott 1050-1052 | Year of issue 1962 | People's Republic of Poland

Broken carnation
in front of prisoner's cloths
(poster art by Tadeusz Trepkowski)
Stylised silhouettes
between the barbed wire fences of Majdanek

Monument in Treblinka
(by Franciszek Strynkiewicz)


Auschwitz is the German name for Oświęcim, the village where the concentration camp is located (near Kraków).
Majdanek is a death camp 4 km southeast of Lublin. Near the road entrance to the camp is a large monument while at the rear you will find a domed mausoleum.
Treblinka is a small village, about 100 km. northeast of Warsaw, where the nazis operated two camps, one of which was their second largest concentration camp after Auschwitz. The camp was closed down in November 1943, demolished and the whole area was reforested. Nothing remains but the ashes of nearly a million people. Today, Treblinka is a memorial site with impressive monuments on the site of each camp.


Obóz śmierci = Death camp.
Obóz zagłady = Extermination camp.


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