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Fischer 1381 | Michel 1529 | Scott 1269 | Year of issue 1964 | People's Republic of Poland

100th anniversary of the foundation of the first International.

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The first International is the first international labour union, founded in London in 1864. The first labour union congress was held in Geneva in 1866 at which the by laws, drawn up by Karl Marx, were approved. After a short period of decay, the union revived in the so-called second International which held congress every 2 or 3 years. The union ended when World War I began. In 1916, the communists separated and in March 1919 founded the Third International in Moscow (Komintern) in preparation of the world revolution. Komintern dissolved in 1943.


100-lecie pierwszej Międzynarodówki = 100th anniversary of the first International.


International Workingmen's Association (First International)