Polish paintings

Fischer 1794-1801 | Michel 1941-1948 | Scott 1675-1682 | Year of issue 1969 | People's Republic of Poland

(by Stanisław Wyspiański)

The Polish hamlet
(by Jacek Malczewski)

Indian summer
(by Józef Chełmoński)

Two girls
(by Olga Boznańska)

May sun
(by Józef Mehoffer)

Combing woman
(by Władysław Ślewiński)

Still life
(by Józef Pankiewicz)

Kidnapping the princess
(by Witold Wojtkiewicz)

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Malarstwo polskie = Polish painting.
Macierzyństwo = Motherhood.
Hamlet Polski = The Polish Hamlet.
Babie lato = Indian summer.
Portret dwóch dziewcząt = A portrait of two girls.
Majowe słońce = May sun.
Kobieta czesząca się = A combing woman.
Martwa natura = Still life.
Porwanie królewny = The kidnapping of the king's daughter.


Stanisław Wyspiański (1869-1907).
Jacek Malczewski (1854-1929).
Józef Marian Chełmoński (1849-1914).
Olga Boznańska (1865-1940).
Józef Mehoffer (1868-1946).
Władysław Ślewiński (1854-1918).
Józef Pankiewicz (1866-1940).
Witold Wojtkiewicz (1879-1909).

I translated "Babie lato" as "Indian summer". Babie lato is a phenomenon. At the end of summer, there are numerous thin threads, flying with the wind. They are made by small spiders, who had just hatched from the eggs. To distribute themselves, they create said threads, which act as a kind of sail. The spiders of that species are so small and light, so thanks to that thread they can travel at great distances, flying with the wind. Then the abandoned threads fly on their own. That's what's called "babie lato" (the name also means the period when it happens, early September). If you'll look closely at the painting, the lady holds such a thread in her hand and seems to play with it.


List of Polish painters

Stanisław Wyspiański
Jacek Malczewski (www.pinakoteka.zascianek.pl)
Jacek Malczewski (artyzm.com)
Józef Chełmoński
Olga Boznańska
Józef Mehoffer (artyzm.com)
Władysław Ślewiński
Józef Pankiewicz (www.culture.pl)
Józef Pankiewicz (artyzm.com)
Józef Pankiewicz (info-poland.buffalo.edu)
Witold Wojtkiewicz (artyzm.com)


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