Polish war planes

Fischer 1972-1974 | Michel 2119-2121 | Scott 1847-1849 | Year of issue 1971 | People's Republic of Poland

Fighter P-11 C (1933-1935)
Fighter PZL P-23 A "Karaś" (1939)

Bomber PZL P-37 B "Łoś" (1937)


The white and red squares is the national marking of the Polish Airforce. The stamps show the historical variant dating from the 1918-1993 period with the upper left square being white. After 1993, the marking was changed by rotating it 90 degrees, with the upper left square red.
The two swords in a shield is the Grunwald Cross. The two swords relate to an event just before the Battle of Grunwald in 1410 when the Teutonic Knights sent a blunt sword to the Polish army as an insult. The Poles sent the sword back with a sharp one of their own tied to it, thus showing their acceptance of the challenge.


Myśliwiec = Fighter plane.
Wrzesień 1939 = September 1939.
Samolot liniowy = Airliner.
Karaś = Crucian carp.
Bombowiec = Bomber.
Łoś = Elk.


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