Football World Cup in Munich

Fischer 2168-2169 | Michel 2315-2316 | Scott 2036-2037 | Year of issue 1974 | People's Republic of Poland

Football World Cup in Munich, Germany 1974.

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gold medal of the 1972 Summer Olympics
World Cup emblem


The Polish national team won the gold medal for the first place in the Olympic Games in Munich, Germany 1972 and a silver medal for the third place in the World Cup in 1974, also held in Germany.


Monachium 1972 Złoty medal = Munich (München) 1972 Gold medal.
X Mistrzostwa świata w piłce nożnej = 10th world championship football (soccer).
WM '74 = Weltmeisterschaft 1974, which is German for World championship 1974.

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