Mirosław Hermaszewski

Fischer 2416-2417 and ark. 2416a-2414a | Michel 2563-2564 and Sheets 70-71 | Scott 2270-2271 and 2270a-2271a | Year of issue 1978 | People's Republic of Poland

The Intercosmos program: the first Pole in space on 27 June 1978.

Major Mirosław Hermaszewski
Hermaszewski in front of a globe
with a rocket orbit in the national colours

Minisheet 2416a
Six times Fischer 2416 and two decorative labels
(top left: solar system by Copernicus, bottom right: combination of Soviet and Polish flags)

Minisheet 2417a
Six times Fischer 2417 and two decorative labels
(top left: Soyuz rocket, bottom right: rockets)


Pierwszy Polak w kosmosie = The first Pole in space.
Interkosmos 1978 = Intercosmos 1978.


Mirosław Hermaszewski was the first citizen of Poland to make a spaceflight.

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Unissued sheets XXIII and XXIV with the image of Zenon Jankowski


Mirosław Hermaszewski
Astronaut (cosmonaut)
Soyuz 30