Youth festival in Havanna

Fischer 2418 | Michel 2565 | Scott 2272 | Year of issue 1978 | People's Republic of Poland

World festival for youths and students in Havana, Cuba 1978.

Human face shaped like a globe with five symbolic continents


XI Światowy Festiwal Młodzieży i Studentów Hawana 78
= 11th International Festival for youth and students Havana 1978.


The World Youth Festival has gained recognition as the pre-eminent gathering of world youth united for peace and social justice. From the first festival held in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in 1947, to gatherings staged every two to four years elsewhere in Europe, the festivals have given voice to the necessity for peace, democracy and national liberation and have opposed colonialism, racism and the remnants of European fascism. The Youth Festival came to the Western Hemisphere for the first time in 1978 with a meeting in Havana, Cuba.


World Festival of Youth and Students