40th PPR anniversary

Fischer 2644 | Michel 2792 | Scott 2501 | Year of issue 1982 | People's Republic of Poland

40th anniversary of the Polish Workers' Party.

Wall inscriptions


PPR (Polska Partia Robotnicza) = Polish Workers' Party.
40 rocznica powstania PPR (Polskiego Partii Robotniczej) - Partii walki o wyzwolenie narodowe i społeczne = 40th anniversary of the Polish Workers' Party - the Party of fight for national and social liberation.

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Polish Workers' Party

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13.XII.1981 - Wojska WRON (Wojskowa Rada Ocalenia Narodowego) z narodem = 13 December 1981 - The war of the WRON (the Military Council for National Salvation) with the nation.

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