People's Army and State National Council

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Emblem of the Polish People's Army
Hand with sword cutting a chain


40 rocznica Armii Ludowej = 40th anniversary of the People's Army.
40 rocznica Powstania Krajowej Rady Narodowej = 40th aniversary of the State National Council.
AL (Armia Ludowa) = The People's Army.
KRN (Krajowej Rady Narodowej) = The State National Council.
(31-)XII-1943 = (31) December 1943.
1-I-1944 = 1 January 1944.


Armia Ludowa (AL) was a Polish communist resistance organisation during World War II.
The State National Council, created on 31 December 1943, was a political body formed in the late stages of the World War II in the Soviet Union, as part of the formation of a new Polish government.

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