War of defence Part 1

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45th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II.

The defence of Kępa Oksywska (Oxhöfter Kämpe),
colonel Stanisław Dąbek
The Battle of the Bzura, general Tadeusz Kutrzeba


Wojna obronna 1939 = War of defence 1939.
Obrona Kępy Oksywskiej = The defence of Kępa Oksywska.
Bitwa nad Bzurą = The battle on the Bzura.


During the September Campaign of 1939, Rumia was a site of heavy fights. It was a flanking position of the main Polish defence line at Kępa Oksywska.
Kępa Oksywska is the name for the area (about 45 square km) south of the Reda river flowing from Puck Bay (Zatoka Pucka) to the town of Reda, northwest of Gdynia. In September 1939, the area was surrounded by about 9000 Germans. The Poles defended themselves there between 10 and 19 September 1939. At 19 September, colonel Stanisław Dąbek committed suicide as the Germans closed in on his bunker. About 2000 soldiers lost their lifes in this battle.

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