Arctic treaty

Fischer 2885-2886 | Michel 3033-3034 | Scott 2733 | Year of issue 1986 | People's Republic of Poland

25th anniversary of the signing of the Arctic treaty.

Antoni Bolesław Dobrowolski,
the map of Antarctica
and the polar expedition vessel "Copernicus"
Henryk Arctowski,
the map of Antarctica
and the polar expedition vessel "Professor Siedlecki"


25 lat układu Antarktycznego 1961-1968 = 25 years of the Arctic Treaty 1961-1968.
Stacja Arctowskiego = Arctowski's base.
Stacja Dobrowolskiego = Dobrowolski's base.
Kopernik = Copernicus.
Profesor Siedlecki = Professor Siedlecki.


Antoni Bolesław Dobrowolski (1872-1954), Polish geophisicist and glaciologist, participated in the Belgian Antarctic expedition of 1897-1899.
Henryk Arctowski (1871-1958), Polish geophisicist, oceanographer and explorer of Antarctica.
Professor Stanisław Siedlecki (1912-2002), geologist, polar researcher, participant and organiser of the Polish expeditions to Svalbard (Spitsbergen) and Greenland from 1932 to 1962.

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Henryk Arctowski's research base on King George Island (South Shetland Islands) is commemorated on Fischer 2928-2933.


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