Romanov eagle (Russian issues)

Russia Michel 1-5 | Year of issue 1858 | Pre-war Poland

Russian stamps (with Polish cancellations) issued before the introduction of Polish postage stamps.
At the Congress of Vienna in 1815, the Grand Duchy of Warsaw and the kingdom of Poland were united with Russia. The Polish area was called "Congress Poland". It included large areas of the Duchy of Warsaw but without the areas of Poznań (which belonged to Prussia) and Kraków (which was part of Austria).

Romanov eagle
(Michel 1)

Romanov eagle
(Michel 2)

Romanov eagle
(Michel 3)

Romanov eagle
(Michel 4)

Romanov eagle
(Michel 5)


The Congress of Vienna is an international conference that was called in order to remake Europe after the downfall of Napoleon. Many territorial decisions had to be made in the conference that was held in Vienna, Austria, from September 1814 to June 1815. The main goal of the conference was to create a balance of power that would preserve the peace. The congress established the Congress Kingdom of Poland, an autonomous state with the Russian tsar as its king.
The two-headed Romanov eagle on a shield is the coat of arms of Russia.
The Romanov dynasty is a Russian imperial dynasty. Mikhail Feodorovich Romanov became tsar in 1613.
A Duchy is the land of a nobleman of the highest rank outside the royal family.

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