Romanov eagle (Russian issues)

Russia Michel 3-7 and 9-23 | Year of issue 1865-1916 | Pre-war Poland

After the January uprising of 1863, Poland lost its autonomy. The postal services were transferred back to Russia and from then on only Russian stamps were issued. Until World War I. Between 1865 and 1916 all Polish territory (with no exceptions) belonged to Russia.

10 Kopecks
Michel 5, 15 and 21
20 Kopecks
Michel 6, 16 and 22
30 Kopecks
Michel 7, 17 and 23

1 Kopecks
Michel 9, 12 and 18
2 Kopecks
Michel 10, 13 and 19
3 Kopecks
Michel 11, 14 and 20


The Romanov eagle on a shield is the coat of arms of Russia.
The January uprising of 1863 was a guerilla-like revolt against the tsarist imperial Russian occupation of Poland.

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