The second Lublin Issues

Fischer 20-29 | Michel 20-28 | Scott 30-32, 34-36, 38, 37, 39, 40, respectively | Year of issue 1918 | Pre-war Poland

Austro-Hungarian military field postage stamps with the portrait of emperor Karl I overprinted with the Polish eagle.

Fischer 20 Karl I Fischer 21 Karl I Fischer 22 Karl I Fischer 22b Karl I
20 21 22a
Black overprint
Violet overprint

Fischer 23a Karl I Fischer 23b Karl I Fischer 24 Karl I Fischer 25 Karl I
Perforation L12½
Perforation L11½
24 25

Fischer 26 Karl I Fischer 27 Karl I Fischer 28 Karl I Fischer 29 Karl I
26 27 28 29

Karl I overprinted with the Polish eagle


The eagle is the coat of arms of Poland.
Karl I was the last emperor of the Austro-Hungarian double monarchy.
Lublin is a city in Poland from which these stamps were issued.


K(aiserliche) und K(önigliche) Feldpost = Emperial and Royal field post.
HAL = from Halerzy, Polish currency, derived from the Austrian Heller.

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