The Poznań issues

Fischer 66-70 | Michel 130-134 | Scott 72-76 | Year of issue 1919 | Pre-war Poland

Germania stamps with "Poczta Polska" overprints, new denominations and a bar cancelling the "Deutches Reich" text, issued from Poznań.

Fischer 66 Fischer 67 Fischer 68
66 67 68

Fischer 69
Fischer 70
69 70

Germania issues overprinted with Poczta Polska


Poznań is a city on the river Warta in Great Poland, between the German border and Warsaw.
Germania issues are a series of German stamps, released between 1900-1921, with the portrait of the Wagnerian opera star Anna von Stratz-Fuhring, representing the German empire.


Deutches Reich (German) = German Empire.
Poczta Polska = Polish Postage.


Germania issues (
Germania issues (
German Empire


Fischer 67-70 cancelled in Poznań

Fischer 66-70 cancelled in Posen (Poznań)