Aerotarg Poznań

Fischer L1-L2 | Michel I-II | Year of issue 1921 | Pre-war Poland

These semi-offical forerunners of airmail stamps were issued for the Poznań Trade Fair in 1921. The Aerotarg company had an agreement with the Polish Ministry of Postage & Telegraphy. In addition to the normal postage rate there would be an additional payment for airmail by using these stamps. Below each stamp was an advertising label, inscribed T.A.B.R.O.M.I.K., for the vodka factory TAdeusz BROnisław MIKołajczyk.

Icarus against the silhouette of Poznań
Junker F 13 plane dropping mail over Poznań


Perforated and imperforated versions of L1


Perforated and imperforated versions of L2


Labels attached on top only


Labels attached on both top and bottom


In Greek mythology, Icarus is the son of Daedalus, who with his father escaped from the labyrinth in Crete by making wings of feathers fastened with wax. Icarus plunged to his death when he flew too near the sun and the wax melted. Daedalus managed to fly to Sicily.


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Genuine or forgery?


L1 and L2 on mail

Cancellation of L1

Cancellation of L2


Misperforation of L2

Misperforation of L2