Mikołaj Kopernik and Stanisław Konarski

Fischer 164-166 | Michel 182-184 | Scott 192-194 | Year of issue 1923 | Pre-war Poland

Mikołaj Kopernik
(miniature by Marcello Bacciarelli)
Stanisław Konarski
Mikołaj Kopernik
(miniature by Marcello Bacciarelli)


Mikołaj Kopernik (better known by his Latin name Copernicus) was a Polish astronomer (1473-1543) who learned that the sun, not the earth, forms the center of our solar system.
Stanisław Konarski (1700-1773, real name Hieronim Konarski) was a theologian.

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The upper right stamp in this block of four shows Fischer 165s,
a print flaw: "KONAPSKI" instead of "KONARSKI"