Poland in ruins / The Polish army in Great Britain

Fischer A338-H338 | Michel 360-367 | Scott 3K1-3K8 | Year of issue 1941 | London exile government

During World War II, the Polish government was transferred to Great Britain. A government-in-exile was set up in London. On 15 December 1941, the Polish postal services were transferred to Great Britain. Mail was sent on Polish warships and the merchant navy and posted with the stamps issued by the exiled government. Polish troops in camps in England and Scotland also used Fisher A 338 - U 338.
A great many of Polish soldiers (including airmen) escaped to Romania when Poland collapsed and later to France to keep fighting. When France surrendered, they escaped to Great Britain which was in desperate need of trained and experienced airmen during the Battle of Britain. Initially, they were formed into four squadrons (300th and 301st bomber squadron and 302nd and 303rd fighter squadron). Later more of them followed. They fought on British airplanes with British markings (red and blue roundels) with only a miniature of a pre-war Polish marking (red and white chessboard) painted somewhere near the cockpit (you can see one on the bomber on left on the stamp with Fischer number G 338).

A 338
Ruins of the American embassy in Warsaw, September 1939

B 338
Ruins of the ministry of Finance in Warsaw, September 1939

C 338
Ruins of the Adam Mickiewicz monument in Kraków 1940

D 338
Royal Castle Square in Warsaw, September 1939

E 338
Polish infantry in Great Britain

F 338
Polish tank in Great Britain

G 338
Polish airfield in Great Britain
British bomber Vickers Wellington (on the left) and two British fighter planes Hawker Hurricane (on the right and in the center)

H 338
Submarine "Orzeł" (Eagle) in Great Britain


Ambasada St(anów) Zj(ednoczonych) Ameryki = Embassy of the United States of America.
Warszawa Wrzesien 1939 = Warsaw September 1939.
Ministerstwo Skarbu = Ministry of Finance.
Zburzenie pomnika Mickiewicza Kraków 1940 = Destruction of the monument of (Adam) Mickiewicz Cracow 1940.
Plac Zamkowy Warszawa Wrzesien 1939 = Royal Castle Square September 1939.
Wojsko Polskie w W(ielkim) Brytanii = Polish army in Great Britain.
Polska broń pancerna w W(ielkim) Brytanii = Polish armoured vehicle in Great Britain.
Lotnictwo Polskie w W(ielkim) Brytanii = Polish airplanes in Great Britain.
Polska marynarka wojenna w W(ielkim) Brytanii = Polish marine in Great Britain.
ORP (Okręt Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej) Orzeł = Warship of the Republic of Poland (submarine) Orzeł (Eagle).

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