The Polish army in foreign countries during World War II

Fischer I338-O338 | Michel 368-375 | Scott 3K9-3K16 | Year of issue 1943 | London exile government

I 338
Polish aircraft in the Battle of the Atlantic

J 338
Polish merchant navy

K 338
Polish army in France

L 338
Polish soldiers in Narvik (Norway) April/May 1940

Ł 338
Polish army in Lybia

M 338
Polish army in the Middle-East with General Sikorski

N 338

O 338
Underground printing press in Poland


Lotnictwo Polskie w walce o Atlantyk = Polish airplanes in the battle of the Atlantic.
Polska marynarka handlowego = Polish merchant navy.
Wojsko Polskie w Francji 1939/1940 = Polish army in France 1939/1940.
Wojsko Polskie w Norwegii - Narvik - Kwiecień/Maj 1940 = Polish army in Norway - Narvik - April/May 1940.
Wojsko Polskie w Libii 1941/1942 = Polish army in Lybia 1941/1942.
Wojsko Polskie na Śr(odkowym) Wschodzie = Polish army in the Middle-East.
Gen(erał) Sikorski - Czerwiec 1943 = General (Władysław) Sikorski - June 1943.
Kraj walczy = The country fights.
Tajna prasa w Polsce = Secret printing press in Poland.


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