Monte Cassino overprints

Fischer P338-T338 | Michel 376-379 | Scott 3K17-3K20 | Year of issue 1944 | London exile government

Monte Cassino 18.V.1944 overprints. The old denominations and the text at the top are cancelled with bars.

P 338
Polish infantry in firing position - overprint (see Fischer E 338)

R 338
Polish tank - overprint (see Fischer F 338)

S 338
Polish airfield in Great Britain - overprint (see Fischer G 338)

T 338
Submarine "OrzeĊ‚" (Eagle) - overprint (see Fischer H 338)


Monte Cassino: During World War II, German troops had surrounded the Italian abbey. The town of Cassino and its abbey stood in the way of allied forces in their objective to liberate Rome. From this vantage point, the Germans controlled air and ground fire against the Allies. American and British forces were unable to take Monte Cassino from the Germans and withdrew from the battlefield. The Polish second Corps took their place and were victorious. They succeeded in taking Monte Cassino after three weeks of fierce fighting in mountain terrain which left the troops exposed to enemy snipers on the slopes. Upon taking the abbey, the Poles raised the flag of Poland on top of the ruins of the monastery. The Battle of Monte Cassino is an eternal monument to the gallantry of the Polish soldiers.

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Cancellations of Fischer P 338 - T 338